Impressions from Boltenhagen
A very nice view to the "Mittelpromenade" with beautiful restored buildings.
Opposite you may find the "Aula", where you can visit from time to time concerts.
The house of tourists is very near. There you may find all information needed of Boltenhagen and as well of the rural environment.
The Café in the center Of Boltenhagen invites you for a pause.
The "Düne" is a very nice Restaurant, where you, even today, can eat fish at favourable prices.
A view to the "Ostseeallee".
A wonderful sunset near the cliff line of the coast.
Are you seeking the nature pure? With a bike you can find wonderful impressions of Boltenhagen and also the rural environment in only some minutes. Here you see a country road which is open only for bikers and pedestrians.
Impressive landscape, only a few hundred meters away from the place.
Nice and beautiful meadows.
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